Baienwei Spray Forming Aluminum Alloy Series

Spray forming, also called spray deposition, is an advanced process for the production of aluminum alloys.

Baienwei successfully developed spray forming equipment and specializing in the R&D and production of high performance spray formed Aluminum alloys.

Compared to conventional process, spray formed aluminum alloys have finer microstructure and no micoro segregation.

Baienwei offers a range of spray formed aluminum alloys:

  1. Spray formed AlSi alloys:


    Low CTE, adjustable;

    Low density, lightest thermal management alloy

    high thermal conductivity;

    High stiffness;

    Readily machinable(CNC/EDM);

  2. Readily platable(Au, Ag, Ni, Ti etc);
    Readily weldable
  3. Spray formed super high strength aluminum alloys:


    High Strength

    l  Wear Resistance 

  4. l  High Ductility
      Superior Thermal Stability

      Competitive Cost